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i'm just a potato and i want to be active
brain:why are you going so slow?
lungs:I currently hate you.
feet:I'm gonna turn into 10 pound weights now.
Legs muscles:I am going to start hurting in random places, kay?
Sidewalk:I really want to trip you in one of my holes or bumps.
People in cars:*hoooonk* Run Forrest Run!
People walking:nice ass baby
Me:Why do I do this to myself?
Me at end of run:I love running so much! I would never give this up!

oh btw i ran 2 miles in 15:30 awhile ago (‘:

my opinion on this phrase may be completely wrong in your eyes but i just wanted to share my thoughts on this quote. 

people say that “abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym” but i disagree. 

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